LSI Solutions

LSI SOLUTIONS, located in beautiful Victor, New York, is a medical device company dedicated to advancing minimally invasive therapeutics through research, development, manufacturing, and marketing proprietary products.

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Aziyo Biologics

Aziyo Biologics, Inc. was created by HighCape Partners with the mission of restoring health and mobility to the greatest number of patients. Our vision is to impact healthcare through innovation of new solutions realizing the commercial potential of regenerative medicine. Aziyo is built on long-standing corporate partners and deep product development and biologics processing expertise.

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Praesidia manufacture the unique FlexiGrip Nitinol Sternal Closure Sternal Clips, which have been shown to significantly decrease the risk of post operation sternal site complications in high risk patients i.e. diabetic, obese, COPD, osteoporotic, bi-lateral mammary patients.view site

Halyard Health

Halyard Health, is proven to seal and immobilize the bacteria that survive surgical patient preparation, including MRSA, S. epidermidis and E. coli—preventing them from contaminating the surgical incision. The DoH Rapid Review Panel gave Integuseal a Class I recommendation.

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TeDan Surgical

TeDan Surgical Innovations offers Cardio Thoracic product lines. Surgeons may choose to use either the Atrial Retractor System or the Ultravision Retractor System. The UltraVision Retractor System includes a retractor with TeDan’s patented, pivoting mechanism to pivot the blade up to 30° inside the wound site without enlarging the incision. UltraVision Retractor Blades are designed with a light channel, and should be used with TeDan’s light cables and light source, eliminating shadows associated with the use of surgeon headlamps.

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A&E Medical®

A & E Medical Corporation has been certified to International and European Medical Quality Standards since 1997 and has obtained the European Union CE Mark designation for many of its products. Based in the USA they are also a United States FDA registered medical manufacturer of Sternotomy sutures, Rotating Surgical Punches and Temporary Cardiac Pacing Wires. (In Ireland only the aortic punches are available from Cardio Solutions).
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